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Monthly Subscription


Start with 3 Months; pay monthly

No commitment required

Small fee for customized set-up and training.

3-month subscription.




 Use Cases

  • Start slowly
  • Small budget
  • Single plant



Annual Subscription


Best plan for volume producers

Volume discounts for tags

Save money with reduced prices on

Cast-A-Code(R) tags.



Use Cases

  • Large volume plant
  • Multiple plants
  • Corporate adoption 



 Idencia Item Tracking


RFID tagging for projects

Minimum purchase: 2,500 tags 

Idencia tracking service is included in the price of our 

Cast-A-Code(R) tags. 



Use Cases

  • Special project
  • Customer request
  • Small plant



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure I will save money?

Start with our Idencia Monthly subscription plan. We will provide you with a free start-up kit (scanner, tablet & 500 tags), training and a subscription for 3 months. With minimal up-front cost, you will start realizing immediate cost savings. After 3 months, you can discontinue (with no cost or obligation).or continue month-to-month.


Can I use either bar code or RFID tags?

Yes. Some of our customers use bar codes. Both accomplish their primary purpose of creating a serial number for each manufactured product. When scanned, this serial number is automatically entered into the Idencia software.


Who owns the information we collect?

Your company owns the information. It is stored securely on Microsoft Azure servers, is password protected and accessible only by parties approved by you... just like your on-line bank account. The information can be downloaded at any time if you want to store it on your company servers.

How much support is required?

Very little. When you start, we will customize your account by configuring Idencia to reflect your products and processes. Your staff can usually be trained on the system in a couple of hours. Our set-up and training fee includes as much assistance as the customer wants during the first 3 months of using Idencia.


Are there any other costs?

The system requires an RFID scanner and an Android tablet Both can be purchased through our web store. The scanners cost $695.00 each and an 8" tablet with Otterbox case costs $299.00. Tablets can also be purchased at any major retailer.  


Where can I learn more about Idencia?

Request a demo by clicking on the button below. We'll walk you through how precast RFID tracking works, demonstrate how easy it is to collect information and discuss how we can help you save more time and money by using Idencia for inventory management.

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