The Pay It Forward Challenge

To Help Local Businesses After COVID-19


Small Business

Small businesses are at the center of our local communities.

Studies show that they recycle $3 back into the community for every dollar they earn. They are where our neighbors make their living, where we find the service that we want, and where our communities gather.

We can help them manage through COVID-19 by creating a chain reaction of neighbors 'paying it forward'.

In times like these, every act of kindness makes a difference!


The Challenge:

$10 Million of new business

for small business

Pay It Forward Social Media


We've assembled a set of Pay It Forward tools that you can use to send gift cards or order on-line from local businesses. We will email your recipient and ask them to participate, so all you have to do is register and purchase on-line. We'll take care of the rest.


Idencia will track the chain and provide updates about your impact.



Pay It Forward


For companies:   It's a nice perk for your employees and it creates community goodwill. 


For individuals:  It's an easy way to help more than you can help on your own... and it's fun!



Remember the ice bucket challenge? This is just as easy and you don't get as wet.


Are you in?


Yes!  I want to Pay It Forward.


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