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Rid your plant of mistakes, waste, and inefficiency. 

Want to learn how to maximize production in your plant while minimizing the time required?

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Both wasted product and wasted time impact profits. Learn how to improve your profits by reducing waste.

Inconsistent procedures lead to inconsistent results. Our approach helps to standardize and simplify. 

Poor communication leads to confusion. We share our method for communicating effectively. 

An industry-proven approach to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency.



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About Jeff Pollock

As the CEO of Idencia, Jeff has spoken to hundreds of precast manufacturers worldwide. He has gained many insights to the inner workings of infrastructure manufacturing and how to maximize performance. 



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In our short 15 minute Microclass we cover our tested approach to reduce time spent on fixing errors. By the end of the class you will have seen our methods to maximize the productivity of your plant one step at a time. Let us pass them onto you!

We discuss:

  • The shocking industry averages of lost time and cost of waste
  • The cost of staying the same. Learn what you are losing by not advancing your plant.

  • Standard action plans to ensure change and plant-wide buy-in
  • Steps you can take today to reduce the time that you spend on unnecessary tasks.



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