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2017 Infrastructure Report Card

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Mar 10, 2017 4:02:41 PM

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There has been a lot of talk over the past year about the importance of rebuilding America's infrastructure. Now there is more evidence supporting the claim. Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers prepares a report card on the state of our infrastructure; its 2017 report was released March 9th. The report card justifies public concern by grading the overall state of the country's infrastructure with a D+. What does this mean?

The ASCE kindly provided an infographic that summarizes the report by sector:

Report Card on Infrastructure. 2017.jpg

Clearly, there is a lot to be done and many can benefit enormously from the work that is required. The ASCE estimates that $4.6 Trillion of investment will be required through 2025, much of which will involve concrete construction. The precast/prestressed concrete industry (as it exists today) will likely be stretched beyond its current capacity in order to address this need. Therefore, innovation must remain a constant in the industry.

What can the industry do specifically?

  • Optimize productivity (constantly)
  • Engage in Lean Manufacturing practices
  • Use technology to scale
  • Engage in working partnerships
  • Embrace change and adapt

The next 10 years will definitely not be business as usual... but they can present the opportunity of a generation.

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