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Caitlyn Knezevic

Caitlyn is Brand Manager at Idencia. She enjoys writing and using the medium to present complex ideas in an understandable way, sharing stories and providing content to drive the industry forward. When she's not managing the Idencia brand or coming up with the next ad campaign, you can find her petting her cat, eating donuts or watching the newest movie releases.
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How Precast is Addressing the Labor Shortage

Posted by Caitlyn Knezevic

May 3, 2023 3:02:30 PM

The labor shortage across the United States is well known and affects multiple industries including construction manufacturing and the precast concrete industry. This shortage affects entire chains of companies needed to accomplish a single job, including engineering, materials fabrication, distribution, freight and construction. Ultimately, according to McKinsey & Company, “…there are too few workers for the jobs currently available, and certainly not enough for the jobs expected to be created in the years ahead.” 

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Tracking Infrastructure is a blog about innovation in the manufacture, construction and management of infrastructure.

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