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Construction Product Tracking Is Here (and free!)

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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May 26, 2015 6:46:00 PM

shutterstock_124887892_1If you do a Google search for 'construction product tracking' you will find a number of links to services that track construction equipment, laborers, and labor hours, but you won't find anything about tracking construction products. (That is until you find the link to our recent post: The Instant ROI of Product Tracking)
Why should this matter? Because there are numerous ways that product tracking will create significant savings of time and expense for the construction industry, just as it has for retail. If it did not, why would Walmart have led the retail industry in implementing rfid tracking systems for its inventory? The construction industry will benefit from this... and it can utilize one tracking service for FREE.
Product tracking for construction is much more than following products. It is a web-enabled process of linking vendors and customers into a seamless thread of lean manufacturing and lean construction processes. This produces much greater cost control for both the customer and vendor. WIth it, the construction contractor can save on man-hours, error reduction and inventory storage costs through:
  • Inventory tracking GPS location of every piece in the laydown yard
  • Inventory control Supply chain visibility from real-time access to vendors' production reports
  • Inventory managementElectronically tie inventory information from vendor into BIM systems

In addition to the cost benefits, contractors can be more competitive in bids by offering project owners a web-enabled system for recording maintenance histories and producing rich analytics from all of the information stored about the project from birth through end-of-life.

As the federal government and states struggle under shrinking budgets to meet the $3.6 trillion infrastructure investment required by 2020 (as estimated by the American Society of CIvil Engineers), project owners will embrace lean practices that stretch investment dollars as far as possible. Infrastructure asset tracking solutions will provide the means for this as well as construction inventory control, thereby producing a win-win for producers, contractors and project owners. This will result in a system of lean infrastructure that will save costs throughout the value chain.

Idencia offers its product tracking system to contractors without subscription cost. We charge a nominal price for training and tags, but contractors may use the system to track inventory and coordinate with vendors at no charge. Why? Because we believe that once contractors try Idencia, they will want all of their vendors to use it. If you would like to learn more about how Idencia can save your company costs and win more bids, you can download our free ebook.


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