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Does your plant have an Area 51 of inventory waste?

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Jul 15, 2022 4:30:07 PM

Concrete wasteI was touring a precast plant about a month ago and my host pointed over to a clump of trees in the distance. 

"Do you know what that is?", he asked.

"We call it Area 51 because we can't explain the inventory that is located there."

A year or so ago, I had a similar conversation with another precaster who had just purchased a precast plant. The acquired plant had a place in its yard that was called Inventory Mountain.

This was where they threw inventory that was unusable or had been made (accidentally) in duplicate. They estimated the value at $250,000.

Two hundred-fifty-thousand dollars!... just wasted. That money could have remained in the seller's pocket but likely ended up as a reduction of the buyer's purchase price.

So, three questions for you:

1) If your boss saw that this was your fault, how long would you have a job?

2) If you saved your plant $250,000, how much would that help your career?

3) Candidly, isn't there some version of an Area 51 or Inventory Mountain in your yard?

We offer a calculator that allows you to tabulate the costs in your plant and see how much you can save with barcode or rfid tracking of your products. Costs related to counting and managing inventory are often where some of the biggest savings are found.

Cost of Not Going Digital Calculator. Image-1

Click on the image to try it out as a first step to quantifying the waste in your plant. If you opt-in, we will email the results for your records.

Idencia's mission is to help construction product manufacturers to achieve full potential. We're pleased to serve over 90 precast plants in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia... but that is just the beginning. Our aim is to help every precaster achieve full potential by saving time, improving productivity... and managing inventory. Let's talk!


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