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DOTs Are Innovating Too

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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May 25, 2022 12:13:35 PM


Seems like everyone is talking about the need for innovation in construction. How the supply chain needs to work together to become more efficient. How the industry needs to move from the age-old model of working in silos to a more collaborative approach. How records need to be centralized so that all parties to a project are working with the same information.

DOT InnovationsIs this really getting traction or is it a lot of hype?

Well, maybe some of both. But what really counts is what your customers are demanding. And your DOT customers are starting to innovate in droves.

This past January, the FHWA reported that numerous DOTs are joining the digital bandwagon.

It is really interesting that so many are interested in capturing as-built information, which is good news for precast. Manufacturers who 'go digital' in their plants enjoy a competitive advantage in delivering the required data.

We all know how the tight labor market has made it difficult to operate in the usual way. DOTs are operating in the same environment so they, too, need to find new ways to be more efficient and productive. It really is no surprise that they are innovating the way they are.

What is the upshot of this? It means that this sh*t is real and there is no turning back! 😀

The Idencia data tracking system provides users with 'as-manufactured' data that can be ported to other systems for reporting 'as-built' data in the construction process. Each product has its own web page where a lifetime history of everything done to it is recorded. When your DOT asks, you'll be ready. Meanwhile, instant access to product records is a big time saver for your plant today. You can see how it works in the short video below.


HubSpot Video


Idencia's mission is to help construction product manufacturers to achieve full potential. We're pleased to serve over 90 precast plants currently.... but that is just the beginning. Our aim is to help every precaster achieve full potential by saving time, improving productivity and helping them meet the expectations of their customers. Let's talk!


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