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Is RFID Right for Your Plant?

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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May 6, 2017 1:57:55 PM



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We were pleased to be asked by the Architectural Precast Association to lead a discussion about RFID tracking at their annual Spring workshop in late April, so we gladly accepted! This was part of a broader conference theme they titled: "Problem Solve. Innovate. Produce." It was a great workshop with discussions about lean manufacturing, innovative production techniques, and new product mix designs in addition to our discussion. We enjoyed the discussion so much we thought we'd share our deck.

Of course, the value of RFID tracking is a function of the problems it solves and the savings produced from solving them. The architectural precast industry has three problems that its membership is solving with concrete tracking:

1. Inventory management & GPS tracking

2. QC reporting- time & expense

3. Workflow inefficiencies

Our discussion addressed each of these and the challenges associated with implementing new systems into the workflow, as the deck describes:



For architectural precast manufacturers, bar code tracking is preferable (versus RFID tracking) because product control numbers can be created by the producer and used as the serial number for tracking the product. Profound thanks to MGA Cast Stone for describing how they use Idencia in this way!

And thanks to the APA for a nice opportunity to engage with its members. Great discussion and we came away with valuable insights from listening to the other panelists!
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