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Paperless Quality Control

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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May 31, 2014 10:50:00 AM


Excellent quality control methods and reporting are essential to the good standing of any precast concrete manufacturer. Certfication by the NPCA and PCI requires this, and there is no doing business with any state DOT or the federal department of transportation without it too. Yet... our customers and prospects tell us that QC paperwork is one of their biggest frustrations and time drags.

Let's face it, who doesn't feel like this when they have to file their QC reports? paperwork

We've written before about the benefits of precast product tracking as a cost saving measure. Using an RFID tracking system for paperless quality control is one of the most obvious means.

Here's how Idencia works:

  1. The QC manager defines the QC steps and enters them into the system in the form of questions that are answered during manufacturing.
  2. An RFID tag is is attached to the form before the pour.
  3. The tag is scanned with a bluetooth scanner pre-pour and the QC questions pop up on the Android tablet used by the manufacturer.  The QC questions are answered during the manufacturing process.  Pictures can be taken as part of this record too.
  4. A complete QC record has now been created without any paper!

As the product is removed from the form, the RFID tag is stripped and remains embedded in the product. When the product arrives at the construction site, the inspector can scan the tag and call up the QC record.  No paper here, either, which is why DOT's are starting to require product tracking in their RFPs.

Of course, the tag can be scanned and the system used for other purposes too... inventory location in the yard using the GPS feature, logistics tracking, and others... but we see from our customers that the most immediate cost reductions result from the time saved in managing the paperwork around quality control.  Since Idencia is a subscription service, it pays for itself in less than one year from QC savings alone.

You can see how Idencia works by clicking on the tablet below. Please let us know what you think!Idencia Tablet

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