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Public Sector Preaches Lean Practices

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Jul 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

State_of_Washington._Introduction_to_LeanLast Friday we posted about the once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure construction opportunity resulting from the $57 trillion global investment that analysts expect through 2030. We noted, however, that it won't be "business as usual" because the public sector is embracing lean practices to stretch limited tax dollars as far as possible. One state has gone a step further by offering educational videos that provide basic instructions for companies starting to think about lean transformation.


The State of Washington has produced a video that provides a basic overview of lean practices called An Introduction to Lean Thinking. It is well done and informative. If you would like to learn about the fundamentals without spending a lot of time researching or reading, it is worth investing 17 minutes to watch:




While lean principles were developed to streamline manufacturing 50 years ago,  during the last 5 years the concept has exploded into a movement that applies to many different facets of business: lean start-up, lean processes, and lean construction to name a few. Companies that engage in lean construction will win more business from public sector project owners and become more profitable in the process.


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