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Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Feb 11, 2017 11:26:41 AM

Atom.jpegOne of the many great outcomes from rebuilding our nation's infrastructure is that its massive scale will reshape the productivity of the entire supply chain. Being dedicated to helping the precast industry improve productivity with our RFID-based paperless quality control, inventory management and GPS tracking system, we are always intrigued by new technology for construction contractors and asset managers. Between these two, construction has gotten the lion's share of attention. That is now changing.

The construction industry has been well served since the 1990s by BIM, estimating software, project management collaboration software and others. However, while states and municipalities have been offered GIS systems for mapping, not much else has been developed for these asset managers.

This is why we were very intrigued to come across Atom, an app launched a month ago by SADA Systems, a technology development firm, and Collins Engineers, a civil engineering design firm, in partnership with Google.  Atom allows governments and municipalities to maintain real-time information about thousands of projects with a smart phone. 



Idencia has no relationship with any of the parties involved with Atom; we are just impressed by the offering.

Want to see more infrastructure asset tracking solutions poised to change the world? Check out the American Society of Civil Engineers' #GameChangers, a crowd sourced collection of productivity solutions for infrastructure management. These are exciting times!

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