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What is GS1 Product Tracking?

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Dec 15, 2018 12:08:53 PM


GS1 Fish Journey

GS1 is one of the most important underpinnings of commerce that you've likely never heard of. Over 5 billion scans are performed each day using GS1 standards for product tracking. GS1 is an international standards board with over 1 million members in 100 countries. We benefit from its impact with almost every product we purchase. And yet, it seems to work 'under the radar' for most of us. It's influence is now quickly moving into infrastructure product manufacture so we thought we would shed some light.

GS1 engages in a mission of creating efficient data transfer throughout industry supply chains. It was formally organized in the late 1970s after a group of industry leaders created a standard for identifying retail products with barcodes. Today GS1 creates data transfer standards for many industries using barcodes and RFID tags, including retail, food service, healthcare and transportation.

GS1 has standardized:

  • Solutions for identifying locations, products and shipments;
  • Numbering formats for barcodes and EPC/RFID tags; and
  • Formats for electronic data synchronization and exchange throughout supply chains.

GS1 offers a very clear description of the impact of its product tracking in supply chains through the following interactive video on its web site. Click on the graphic below to take a look:


GS1 Fish Journey


More than 20 leading railroad companies around the globe have engaged GS1 practices and standards in tracking trains, transported goods and components used in maintenance and repair. This is most prevalent in Europe, where the need for standardization is great because railroads operate internationally. 

The Australasian Railway Association has also engaged GS1 standardization with its Project i-TRACE initiative effective January 1, 2019. 

We are pleased to be working with reseller partners in both of these markets. Vigier Rail, in Europe, and Pizer Performance Improvement, in Australia, are providing our GS1 compliant RFID tags to their customers and offering the Idencia tracking system to collect and transfer data. 

You can read more about GS1 standards and practices for the railroad industry in our web report: GS1 Product Tracking for Rail. If you would like to speak with us or our reseller partners about GS1 tracking for your rail product, please click below.

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 About Idencia

Our mission at Idencia is to elevate the productivity of concrete manufacturers. We offer precast RFID tracking solutions that improve productivity and offer value throughout the value chain. As a cloud-hosted product tracking system that is seamless between manufacturers, contractors and asset managers, Idencia adds information value to all, eliminates redundancy and saves time. 


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