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Why Concrete Tracking Is BIG In Texas

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Aug 3, 2017 3:51:17 PM

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Texas is rapidly becoming one of the most active states in using RFID tracking for managing production and inventory control of precast concrete. Why?

For one reason, precast and prestressed concrete producers selling to TX DOT are required to produce production and quality assurance records known as PC-2 and PC-7 reports (for prestressed and precast producers, respectively). These are very detailed reports that concrete tracking systems prepare automatically, saving a lot of administrative time.

The PC-2 report (click here for a sample) shows the extent of the quality control information required by TX DOT. Producers no longer need to prepare these reports by hand. Simply by running QC inspections using a tablet, the information is collected and the reports are automatically prepared. The producer can download the reports into csv files and email them directly to TX DOT. 

Texas is the second most populous state and the 10th largest economy in the world. (A visit quickly reveals that infrastructure construction activity confirms this!) To keep pace, TX DOT has streamlined reporting to include electronic transmission. The producers recognize the same need and are embracing RFID- and bar code tracking systems that enable paperless QC and web-hosted inventory tracking.

Texas joins other DOTs such as North Carolina and Massachusetts in a move to electronic reporting. As state operating budgets continue to shrink, expect more DOTs to follow suit.

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