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Why RFID Tracking of Concrete Samples Makes Happier Inspectors

Posted by Jeff Pollock

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Jan 14, 2016 3:26:03 PM

It's easy to understand the value of rfid tracking as a productivity solution for managing production, inventory tracking, shipping and record-keeping. Each product is serialized (tagged) and records are created for each serial number in an electronic record-keeping system.

But, did you know that RFID tracking can be used to record batch mix results and cylinder break tests of concrete samples electronically?

The graphic below shows how. If the samples to be tested will involve 9 cylinder breaks, the inspector will scan 10 tags as a group... one for each cylinder and one to be inserted in the form using the concrete that is sampled. (In future years, when the tag in the finished concrete is scanned, the concrete test information will be revealed.)

Because all 10 tags are part of the same group, any time any tag is scanned, the user will be instructed on a hand-held tablet to conduct the next concrete test in the sequence of the testing protocol for the sample. Once complete, the information is stored in a secure, cloud-hosted account (think on-line bank accounts) for retrieval with the click of a button.




The value of electronic record-keeping is that information is "filed" as soon as it is entered into the system.

This completely eliminates all paperwork involved.

No surprise here... inspectors love the idea of eliminating paperwork! Departments of Transportation inspectors are particularly happy because DOTs are being asked to do more with less. And... with a cloud-hosted system... all parties to the infratructure value chain can save time and improve accuracy by eliminating redundant entry of the same information.

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