Cost Reduction

The Idencia product tracking system will reduce production errors resulting, in great cost savings.


Idencia gives you the tools to know the status of all of your products in the various stages of production.

Service Oppty

Idencia gives you the knowledge you need to provide your customers with detailed information on the status of their orders.

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Idencia improves the quality of your products by ensuring all QC steps are followed and recorded.


Using Idencia’s GPS feature, know exactly where all of your inventory is located.


Idencia is designed to be a powerful tool for any type of manufacturing, yet simple to use.

Smart Infrastructure is here!

Read our report on the state of the Smart Infrastructure market.

2017 Smart Infrastructure Market Report


Take 2 minutes to learn how to save your company money and add more customer value.

Now you can record manufacturing information for each infrastructure component product, providing internal clarity that reduces costs and adds more value to your customer.



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Auto Sync feature

Access With Any Device

As you record data on one mobile device, Idencia automatically synchronizes with all the other devices used by your company.  This ensures everyone is working with the latest information.
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Secure Offsite Data Storage

No Specialized Hardware

Idencia is so easy to install and use.  There is no special hardware, complicated software to install or networking infrastructure to buy or maintain.  All you need to use Idencia is an internet connection, a standard web browser, and a mobile device running the Idencia mobile app.


Real time Reporting

Manage Your Production

The power of the Idencia product tracking system is realized when you are able to see the status of your production at any time, anywhere. Select from the various pre-configured reports, or use the Idencia Consulting Services to design your own customized reports.  Know everything about your production process.

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