Value of Concrete Tracking

Why track concrete?

Precast and prestressed concrete manufacturers use barcodes and RFID tracking to:

  • Make product records are easily searchable
  • Reduce time and expense of report preparation
  • Track inventory status
  • Locate inventory in the yard with GPS tracking
  • Reduce shipping errors
  • Create electronic shipping records
  • Deliver smart infrastructure to customers

Real-time Reports

Get instant concrete product tracking reports

Enter information once and real-time reports are created in the format you already use:

  • QC/QA reports
  • Production status
  • Repair status
  • Inventory status
  • Inventory location
  • Shipping status and any other report you want. Have reports emailed automatically.

See Idencia Management Portal video below to learn more.

Easy Data Collection

Use tablets or smartphones.

Scan a tag and answer questions on a tablet or smartphone:

  • Tag/barcode serial number is automatically populated in Idencia app
  • Record text, numeric information, GPS, photos, signatures and more
  • App is configured to mirror forms on clipboard
  • Data stored on tablet syncs with web-hosted account automatically
  • App can work out of WiFi range
  • App can be easily configured by system admin

See Idencia App video below to learn more.

Low Cost

Pay as you go 

No need for a big investment... pay by the number of product records you create.

Create a product record by scanning a new tag into Idencia.  Pay once for each product record created*, add as much information as you need later for no additional charge.  Product records can include:

  • QC/QA data
  • Production status
  • Inventory status
  • Repair status
  • GPS location
  • Pictures
  • Signatures and more

*Record hosting charges also apply; customer may avoid these charges by removing old records.

Learn More

Want more information?

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Let us show you how

You can start RFID tracking without purchasing equipment and  

  - Save the cost of paper record-keeping;  

  - Reduce time spent searching for inventory;  

  - Create happier customers.

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