Value of Concrete Tracking

Why track concrete?

Precast and prestressed concrete manufacturers use barcodes and RFID tracking to:

  • Make product records are easily searchable
  • Reduce time and expense of report preparation
  • Track inventory status
  • Locate inventory in the yard with GPS tracking
  • Reduce shipping errors
  • Create electronic shipping records
  • Deliver smart infrastructure to customers

Leading infrastructure product manufacturers are tracking their products to save money and position their businesses for the future.


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Real-time Reports

Get instant concrete product tracking reports

Enter information once and real-time reports are created in the format you already use:

  • QC/QA reports
  • Production status
  • Repair status
  • Inventory status
  • Inventory location
  • Shipping status and any other report you want. Have reports emailed automatically.

See Idencia Management Portal video to learn more.


Would you like to see some sample reports? 

Download  Connected Concrete  Reports


Easy Data Collection

Use tablets or smartphones.

Scan a tag and answer questions on a tablet or smartphone:

  • Tag/barcode serial number is automatically populated in Idencia app
  • Record text, numeric information, GPS, photos, signatures and more
  • App is configured to mirror forms on clipboard
  • Data stored on tablet syncs with web-hosted account automatically
  • App can work out of WiFi range
  • App can be easily configured by system admin

See our Idencia App video to learn more.


Big Savings

Pay as you go 

No need for a big investment... pay by the number of product records you create.

Create a product record by scanning a new tag into Idencia.  Pay once for each product record created*, add as much information as you need later for no additional charge.  Product records can include:

  • QC/QA data
  • Production status
  • Inventory status
  • Repair status
  • GPS location
  • Pictures
  • Signatures and more

*Record hosting charges also apply; customer may avoid these charges by removing old records.


 Would you like to see how much money Idencia can save your plant?

Click Below to Download our Product Tracking Savings Calculator 

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Considering lean manufacturing for your plant?  Read our web report to see what it can do for you:

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Railroad companies are now adopting GS1 product tracking standards for manufactured components. Want to learn how your company can respond?  Click below to read our web report:

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Idencia Management Portal Video 


 Idencia App Video


Let' talk! We can show you how

You can start RFID tracking without purchasing equipment and  

  - Save the cost of paper record-keeping;  

  - Reduce time spent searching for inventory;  

  - Create happier customers.

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